Virtual reality

Virtual reality is the future of storytelling. We can help you to engage with your customers in ways you've never dreamed to be possible. Being one of the pioneers in the field, we can craft immersive experiences that will make your audience stand in awe and remember the experience for years to come.

We create virtual reality on the Unity and Unreal engine and we are able to connect real devices with virtual reality. Optimizing the experience for any headset is matter of course. The most commonly used headsets include HTC Vive Pro, Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift.

We can deliver anything from interactive virtual tours and architectural visualizations through employee training, simulators to complete creation of virtual worlds and multiplayer experiences.


Augmented reality is already present in all our pockets thanks to our mobile phones. We can unlock its potential for you. Using AR Core, AR Kit, or Vuforia, we are able to develop anything from a simple activation campaign to an interactive product catalog or real-time data visualization at the factory. Not only will we help you create the application, we also advise you about distribution.


We are the first who dared to shoot 360 videos in Prague with 3D printed rigs, a lot of GoPros and early-days stitching in pain and tears . We made it through, gained know-how and today we can deliver anything from Youtube / Facebook 360 video to 8K 360 live streaming. Amaze and engage your audience with 360 videos from our experienced production team.

We own professional 360 camera rigs and the work of our DOP made it to international festivals. Content creation of 360 video up to 8K resolution, VR spatial audio, 360 native editing and supervision and hardware preparation is matter of course.

On top of this we do know how to prototype and build our own rigs so we can shoot in any environment - even 40 meters under water!


We do like challenges and completely new ideas. Thanks to the international network of researchers, developers and VR enthusiasts we are able to deal with complex problems and assignments. For example we have delivered a working prototype for 8K live streaming over the 5G network showcased during 5G Days in Berlin in 2017 in matter of weeks.

Are you looking for a partner in development of your next xR experience? Give us a call or email us your NDA.

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